2019 Rarotonga Accommodation Deals & Discounts

Are you looking for deals, discounts and specials on Rarotonga accommodation? At the Manea on Muri you get to be close to everything you need to make a great holiday. We are 2-5 minutes walk to the markets, cafes and bars, car & scooter rental and 1 minute walk to the lagoon.

2019 Rarotonga Accommodation Deal

  • We will give you 10% off if you book with us directly.
  • We offer free transfers to and from the airport when you book with us directly through our website.



Q. How do I book with you directly?

A. You simply need to get in touch with us using the form on this page and let us know the following details so that we can get in touch with our best offer. 

1. How many guests?

2. The dates you are thinking of coming.


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