Manea on Muri

Cheap Accommodation in Rarotonga

How to make your trip more affordable

So you have sprung for the flights, new swims suit and want to save some money for a lagoon cruise? If you are need of affordable accommodation in Rarotonga we have you covered. Manea on Muri is uniquely situated to ensure that your holiday is as economical as possible.

Save on transport with our great location

We are in the very heart of Muri Beach, so you don’t need to spend time and money “getting to somewhere else” You are already there!

We are walking distance to everything that visitors to Rarotonga want to do; Island nights, lagoon tours, shops, cafes, the Muri Night Market for cheap and cheerful food and atmosphere, Adventure tours such as kite surfing and turtle tours, diving, spas, car and bike hire…the list goes on. You won’t have to spend hours OR money catching the bus or taxis if you stay with us.

Free airport transfers

If you book directly with us, we can also offer you free return airport transfers. So, you won’t need to hassle with booking a taxi or shuttle, or put your hand in your pocket to make it happen!

Dine-in or eat out - It’s good to have options!

When you are on holiday there are only so many decadent meals out you can eat before you start to feel a little toxic… not to mention put a dent in the credit card. After a few days, it’s normal to just want a simple BBQ with meat and salad or maybe some fresh fruit. Unlike resorts, we are a self-catering property, so if you stay with us at Manea on Muri you can save money by making your own dinner in your kitchen or on your BBQ! using ingredients you’ve brought from the well equipped local store. Then open a bottle of wine or a cold beer and enjoy your dinner by the pool, or from your own deck.

You have your own BBQ

Try some of the delicious fresh local deep-sea fish and cook it on your own BBQ-no restaurant offers better, or cheaper, than that.

life’s too short to drink bad coffee

While there are fabulous cafes within walking distance of Manea on Muri, you can save some money by starting the day with a coffee on the deck, made from the plunger in your villa, and watching one of the beautiful sunrises which Muri is famous for. What a wake-up.

Make your own cocktail hour with your duty-free

Cocktail hours are plentiful here in Rarotonga and some of the best offers are within walking distance of Manea on Muri. However, you can save even more by buying your quota of duty-free and mixing your own cocktails. Enjoy them with your friends and family in the uniquely private and beautiful surrounds of Manea on Muri’s pool and beach.

Whichever way you slice the pie, Manea on Muri offers private self-catering accommodation in the heart of Muri Beach-which adds up to a cheap holiday to Paradise.